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‘The Sims 4: Get Famous’ Lets You Become a Virtual Celebrity

Fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Now, there’s a way to experience what it’s like to be famous (minus all of the baggage), thanks to The Sims 4: Get Famous. This substantive update allows players to experience the virtual lifestyles of the rich and famous.

The Sims 4: Get Famous is the game’s sixth expansion pack and it is certainly the biggest one yet. Centering on a celebrity lifestyle, users have new tools and features to facilitate this process. Not only can players have their Sims work at an actual movie studio with props and costumes, they can even make them internet famous by uploading videos and music. The road to fame isn’t entirely paved with good deeds, however. While Sims can be good samaritans beloved by all, they can also gain fame through notorious means. Get Famous does a fantastic job of capturing what it’s like being famous in the modern era.

The three most important things about Get Famous is gaining fame, acting, and the new setting. Gaining fame is an open-ended progression system that’s all about perks, quirks, and reputation. Acting is an active experience. It’s similar to having a job in the base game. However, it isn’t a nine to five type of gig and is more involved than a typical job. The new setting is heavily based on Southern California. Specifically, Los Angeles. It contains suburbs, a bustling downtown area, and even the Hollywood Hills. Every new component is methodically fused into the existing The Sims framework.

There are already things in The Sims 4 which can help players become famous. For example, if one’s Sim is an astronaut, writes best-selling novels, or creates masterpiece paintings, they can become famous. There’s a great deal of cross-pack functionality. A lot of previously released and upcoming content is well integrated into the fame system. There are nearly 300 different interactions tied in from past packs that help you to tell your own story about becoming famous.

As a Sim’s celebrity level increases, life changes. In some ways it becomes easier. Sims will have less issues with money, get free products, and generally get treated with more respect by other Sims. On the other hand, they’ll have specific challenges associated with being famous. This includes crazed fans, paparazzi, shady associates, and more. Gaining fame allows players to purchase new perks. These let users craft their own unique rags-to-riches story. Celebrities go from one star to A-list five star status. If you have 10 A-list celebrities, they will all feel different due to the perks you add.

The flip side of perks are quirks. As a Sim gets more famous, they’ll develop certain idiosyncrasies. For example, they may become addicted to social media. If they don’t check their phone regularly, their stats will get lower. Some Sims may develop an aversion to being touched, or become “juice fanatics.” All of these quirks are something players have to deal with or attempt to fix.

A Sim’s reputation depends on how other Sims feel about them. If your digital celebrity gives money to charity or makes inspirational speeches, they will gain positive reputation. If they drink too much juice (alcohol) or get into fights, they will gain bad reputation. Characters can have high fame and high reputation or high fame and low reputation. Either path will gain fame for a Sim, but it’ll affect how the world views them.

While the expansion offers players various options around fame, they do not have to opt into it. Even if their Sim is already doing things to make them famous, players can simply choose not to go down that track. They’re free to turn off all of those features. With that said, they’re still free to use any and all of the tools and props from the pack in their game.

As a celebrity, a Sim will have to deal with “stans,” paparazzi, and bouncers. They can schmooze them or convince them to do what they want. Celebrity Sims can try to bribe paparazzi or bouncers, but if the bribe is too little they’ll take your Sim’s money and laugh. Sims can physically fight annoying paparazzi or uncooperative bouncers, but this will of course affect their reputation.

Players can make exclusive clubs for their celebrity Sim. These have private back rooms that only Sims with a certain celebrity level can enter. If one’s Sim is super famous, you can purchase a perk called “Squad” that lets them bring their entourage into any club. You can get lower-level celebrities in too. If your Sim is one of the lower-level celebrities invited by a more well-known Sim, they’ll be seen as a poser for getting into these areas.

One of the more interesting aspects about Get Famous is becoming an influencer. A Sim can gain the same level of fame that an actor can by producing and uploading videos and music to places like “Simstigram.” They can also get famous from streaming video games. This skill is about being media savvy. You’ll have to research trends, upgrade camera and lighting equipment, do post-processing to get the quality of videos up, and release content to earn followers and gain fame. Gaining fame in this manner should be pretty meta for real-life influencers who decide to stream their playthrough of the expansion.

Music and video production are both pretty involved processes. For video production, you can record yourself with a camera that has a lighting attachment. You can even use a camera drone which follows your Sim around. For music production, you can choose a beat and can then layer sounds on top of it. You can upload both and promote them through social media to gain followers. You can also take tracks to clubs and have them bump your tunes or even get the music played on the radio.

Acting is a full ten level active career that also has full ten level skills associated with it. It’s different from other careers in the game since it is an agent-based career. All other careers in the game are nine to five, Monday through Friday jobs. This obviously wouldn’t work or feel legit for an acting career. For acting, you join the career and then get an agency to represent you. At low levels, you don’t have access to the best agencies. Agencies tell you what gigs are available. There are around 30 total gigs. These start with low-end commercials. As you gain fame, you’ll work your way up to TV shows, and eventually star in full-length feature films.

Objects associated with an acting career include green screens that come with different backgrounds. There’s a special effects machine you can set up either inside or outside. This machine spews rain, snow, ash or even money. Different cameras include dolly cameras that go back and forth on a track, stationary cameras that rotate, go up and down, and focus in on the action. There’s also a hair and makeup chair and wardrobe fitting pedestal where you can get into costume. You can also use these objects at home.

The world of Del Sol Valley has four distinct neighborhoods. Three of these are fully editable. Players can place buildings wherever they wish and can change the terrain to their liking. The starter neighborhood is for up-and-comers. It isn’t fancy, but it’s a place to sleep at night. The downtown area is the most active part of the world, full of museums and clubs. The third area, “Pinnacles,” is for Sims who’ve made it into the big leagues. They live in the hills where they can look down upon lesser Sims. The fourth neighborhood is the movie studio where a Sim goes to get their acting on.

Along with Get Famous, there are a ton of free updates that go to all players even if they didn’t purchase the expansion. There’s a new half wall used for acting stages, a new first-person mode, and terrain tools. The latter gives players the ability to make hills and buildings with different foundation heights. There’s also a new “name your own career” feature. Currently, if you do not have one of the in-game careers, the game labels you as unemployed — even if you make millions selling paintings or are a stay-at-home parent. You can now register a new career and add a description to it.

Like I said in the intro, The Sims 4: Get Famous is a really cool way of experiencing the life of a celebrity but without all the nonsense that comes with it. Despite the fact I’ve never played a single The Sims game, I’m actually very interested in trying out this expansion pack. Based on what I saw, this expansion is perfect for current players and newcomers like myself. I’ll just have to clear some of my schedule because Get Famous is going to be one hell of a time sink.

The Sims 4: Get Famous is available on November 16 for PC and Mac.

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